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Save Time and Effort

A ZipiLink is a dedicated web page for your podcast. This gives you the power to prompt listeners to sign up before they listen to the podcast show. For the first time ever, podcasters can now build an email list automatically.

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Benefits of growing your email list

Make money from your audience

Sponsors pay big money for podcasters that have direct access to their own list. Of course, the bigger the list, the more valuable.

Track performance

Now you can track exactly who has listened to your podcast and get accurate data on how your audience is growing.

Re-engage lost listeners

Get in touch with lost listeners and bring them back to your podcast.

Save time and effort

Being able to automatically build your own mailing list at your fingertips will save you 10 hours a week wasted on social media marketing.

"We now send listeners to our podcast ZipiLink because podcasting without access to your audience is not worthwhile - Sean & Ethan (The Breakout Podcast)